Update on the GEPCO transition with STERIS. Click Here for more information.

About Us

Since 1966, we have been working with veterinarians to solve the unique challenges of surgical animal care.

Recognized throughout the industry for our quality and customization, STERIS Veterinary Products for Surgery’s (formerly known as GEPCO) gowns, drapes and procedure packs are incorporated into the training programs of most leading veterinary medical schools, and are the products of choice of the nation’s leading veterinary surgeons.

All of our products are manufactured in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and sold around the world.

STERIS’s Veterinary Products for Surgery provide solutions in the areas of aseptic technique, sterilization, cleanliness, and protection of personnel & equipment for the pharmaceutical, biotechnology, veterinary, and allied markets.

“… I love using your products in my surgery practice!”

Dr. Randy Basinger

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