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Surgical Gowns

STERIS Animal Health has unique GEPCO gowns for veterinary surgery provide the ultimate in comfort and protection.

These strong, lightweight gowns are made from tear-resistant, nonwoven materials.

We have worked extensively with our clients to solve explicit needs for veterinary gowns, to address a spectrum of preferences for comfort, protection, and quality. The result is a thorough range of options to meet the specific needs of our veterinary surgeons, including a fluid-proof front shield and three types of full-length sleeves to provide the proper level of strike-through protection.

Whether your specialty is orthopedics, ophthalmology, emergency or general surgery, rely on us to direct you to the best surgical gowns for the procedures you perform. All of STERIS Animal Health’s GEPCO gowns are consistently cut and generously sized for maximum comfort.

  • Saves prep time
  • Reduces potential for infection
  • Maximum fluid protection
  • Fluid-proof front shield
  • Impervious sleeves
  • Soft, cool, comfortable
  • Sterile-back or regular-back style
  • Sterility guaranteed
  • Tear-resistant

GEPCO VET Surgical Gown Options

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View our most popular Surgical Gowns for Colic, Orthopedic, and General surgery.

These surgical gowns may suit your needs, or you may need something slightly different.  In either case, give us a call and we will help you select the best gowns for your veterinary practice.

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