Update on the GEPCO transition with STERIS. Click Here for more information.
GEPCO Veterinary Surgical Solutions Pack

Why STERIS Veterinary Products for Surgery

Since 1966, STERIS Veterinary Products for Surgery (formerly GEPCO) has earned a reputation for designing products specifically for your needs, and delivering them when you need them.

Our products are made by hand, with the strictest quality controls, to ensure you have a flawless experience every time. Add to that the personal attention and breadth of expertise gained from over 40 years of listening to veterinarians, and you’ll quickly see why STERIS Veterinary Products for Surgery stands heads and… well, tails… above the rest.

  • Quality you can see; reliability you can count on
  • On-time delivery for worry-free inventory
  • Guaranteed sterility saves time and prep
  • Hundreds of styles and sizes, to suit every situation
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